Friday, 13 January 2012

Methods Related to Search Engine Optimization

The process of search engine optimization contains many other branches to help your website or web page to have a higher ranking. Here are some of these other methods that are involved in search engine optimization:

Preventing Crawling

In order to avoid contents that are undesirable in the search index, Webmasters will instruct spiders to crawl certain files or directories by the use of robots.txt files. This spider will crawl into the root directory of the domain. As a search engine crawler may keep a cached copy, this may crawl pages that a webmaster does not want to crawl. Google had already warned webmasters that they should stop indexing internal search results because those pages are considerably called as search spam.

Increase Prominence

There are many methods that are able to increase prominence of a webpage. One of these process is Cross linking, this provide more links for the important pages that may improve visibility. Other things that are able to increase the traffic of a website are by writing content for the frequently searched key words and the relevance of the search queries. Updating the content will keep the search engines crawling back frequently which will give an additional weight to the site. Also, adding relevant keywords to the Meta data of the web page will improve the relevancy of the page and at the same time will increase the site’s traffic. Normalization of the URL of the web-pages that are accessible via URLs can help make sure that the links are of different versions.

Getting Indexed

Leading search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing are using crawlers to look for pages for their algorithmic search results. Yahoo notably operates a paid submission service that guarantee crawling for a cost per click fee or a set fee. These programs are usually guarantee inclusion in database, but it does not guarantee specific ranking in the search result. Google offers “webmaster tools” where Sitemap can be created and submitted with no payments just to ensure that all the pages are found, especially for the pages that are not easily found by simply following a link.


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