Friday, 22 April 2011

PHP History And Advantages

PHP History :
PHP was implemented by “Rasmus Lerdorf” in 1995 using “C” and “PERL” languages.  Rasmus Lerdorf implemented this script to find out, how many company’s accessing his resume.

PHP is a server side script language just like Jsp and Asp to develop the dynamic web applications. (Server Side = Interacting with the server). Not only dynamic web applications we can also develop the stand alone applications with PHP. (Stand alone applications = desktop applications, imaging applications).

PHP Advantages
PHP is a cross flat form. Cross flat form means it supports any type of Data Base Server like Windows, SQL, Linux.

PHP is providing building functions to interact with Mysql database. With Jsp and Asp we cannot function directly to Mysql database. To function directly to Mysql database in Jsp and Asp, we need to use third party functions. Third party functions are not secure.
Ex. 2 years back Google stopped services to China, because of hacking the was made by Jsp and Asp using third party tools. It reopened with the PHP.

Present PHP
PHP is cross server. It means it supports any time of web services.
PHP application is very fast. Zen Engine is the run time environment supporting number of functionalities at the time of application execution.
PHP supports object oriented programming concepts. CMS is providing all common functioning like “Login and Registration form and comment box.
PHP is supporting number of CMS software’s like Joomla, Wordpress, Roopal.
Zend organization is maintaining the PHP software. Zend introduced number of editors and Debuggs to work with PHP.
We can use different types of IDES to work with the PHP.
PHP is extendable. We can add the new features to the PHP software.
PHP is open source. It is free and easy to develop. We no need to buy a license from anywhere like Windows ex.


  1. Sir, In window.prompt, it displays i/p dialog box,why it is showing null if i click on cancel button of dialog box. Regards Suresh Eepari.

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