Friday, 22 April 2011

Versions Of PHP

Versions Of PHP

PHP 1.0 Version
It is the first release of PHP in 1995 used to handle the server side request. It is not a server side scripting language. Implemented with C and Perl technology.

PHP 2.0 Version
Introduced as server side scripting language in 1997 November. Supports different data base servers. Supports files uploads and many more functions.

PHP3.0 Version
2 Israeli programmers named “Zeev Sursky” and Andy rewritten the entire script of PHP from the basic and released PHP 3.0 version in 1998 June. It is fully server side scripting language and it supports different types of operating systems. PHP3.0 supports email functions. The name of PHP (Personal Homepage) renamed as Hyper Text Pre Processor.

PHP4.0  Version
Zend engine 1.0 is introduced PHP 4.0 in 2000 May. It is a cross server. It includes advance features like HTTP Sassing, Output, buffering Etc. PHP4.0 supports smarty template system which is used to develop web applications.

PHP5.0 Version
PHP 5.0 was released in 2005 includes more object oriented concepts like abstract, Inherence, Interfaces, Etc. Zend engine 2.0 was introduced. My SQL library was introduced which gives more support to My SQL. PHP5.0 supports exception. PHP5.0 includes web services and “XML” support.
XML = Grabbing the information of the web sites like Score, temperature.

PHP6.0 Version
PHP 6.0 is major upgrade to the PHP language. The main focus is native unique code supports. PHP6.0 supports OOP concepts such as name space and late static binding.
Native Unique code support means programmers can able to name their functions and classes in their own native language.


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